Reverts’ Spiritual Challenges

Reverts to Islam encounter challenges regarding the fulfilment of certain spiritual aspects of Islam. This is so, because, they are coming from a religion and/or culture that may differ from that of the religion of Islam.

A Christian or Hindu who reverts to Islam may not be used to waking up as early as 5:30AM-6AM to observe the Fajr Salah. Completing the observance of the five daily salah may be difficult.

Also, to observe Salah, verses of the Qur’an must be recited in Arabic. A new revert would then need to learn Arabic. Even if the revert is an Arab, he or she still needs to memorize certain portions of the Qur’an

What we have done to tackle the spiritual challenge

In an attempt to tackle the spiritual challenge reverts encounter, we have been;

  • Receiving books explaining different aspects of Islam from different organizations. These books are being given to the new reverts to have an understanding of the deen
  • Enrolling reverts in Madrasah willing to accept them. Consequently, they learn Arabic, memorize the Qur’an and acquire knowledge regarding their faith; al-Islam
  • Providing hijabs for female Muslim reverts who are willing to wear but cannot afford to buy one.