Reverts’ Psychological Challenge

The Psychological Challenge

Being a revert can be psychologically disturbing. Life after reversion cannot be separated from rejection, dismissal and disassociation.

There are records of reverts who have been disowned and rejected by their friends and family on account of their reversion. These reverts who have become strangers amongst their own people need a family (a sense of belonging)

Reverts to Islam are most likely needing new set of people to talk to and move with as the new revert’s moral foundation is now based on the Islamic culture, hence, a need to associate with people of his kind.

It is important that a revert does not engage in the celebration of festivals of their former religion. Therefore, reverts become faced with a psychological challenge. They no longer celebrate with their family and may probably have to celebrate ‘Eid alone while other celebrate with their loved ones.

How we are tackling the psychological challenge team had been working tirelessly to address the psychological challenge facing reverts. The team, consisting of a reasonable number of reverts have a proper understanding of the psychological challenge reverts encounter.

At present, we organize “Host a revert this ‘Eid” every year. We collect numbers of willing hosts and reverts willing to be hosted then connect them. This is to see that no one celebrate ‘Eid with the spirit of loneliness.

Our social media handles are also open to reverts to send messages concerning any related issue.