Reverts’ Financial Challenges

The financial challenge is the most common amongst reverts especially in Africa.

Students in higher institutions are being disowned by their parents, who stop paying their tuition fee and most times, stop their feeding allowances as well.

Pastors, Bishops and Evangelists who live on the Church are faced with a greater challenge when they find the truth in Islam and decide to embrace this path of bliss. They are threatened, dishonoured and kicked out of the accommodation provided with Church funds.

Wives are also being divorced by their husbands following their reversion while some are sacked by their Islamophobic employers.

Our solution to the financial challenge

Over the years, we have provided financial assistance to over one hundred reverts. These assistances cover medical, educational and accommodation expenses.

We have been able to do these by publicly raising funds on the social media.

It is sad that many times we have to come online to solicit for twenty, thirty, fifty thousand naira to see to reverts financial challenges.

After serious discussions, we came up with a big plan which is the purpose of this project. click to read about The Waqf Reverts’ Initiative