The Reverts’ Waqf Initiative is aimed at seeing to reverts’ financial challenges across Africa. Instead of publicly soliciting for funds week in, week out, we think it is better if we map out a plan to generate funds to see to the financial challenges of reverts to Islam.

This is a summary of the Reverts’ Waqf Initiative;

  • That the contribution should be in phases
  • That the first phase should be 10 Million Naira
  • That a separate account be opened for this
  • That the 10 Million naira be gathered within 12 months as a long-term contribution might make it tiring
  • That while the contribution is on, we bring those that have been in business together to discuss what business to invest in.
  • That the project would be FeesebiliLlah except for brothers and sisters that might be employed, we would pay them.
  • That other than cases of life and death, reverts that have embraced Islam for more than five years are not entitled to financial assistance Reverts’ Waqf initiative account
  • That members of the public who are willing to donate can give as much as they have and as little as they can afford.
  • That individuals can make a pledge of anyone amount that should be completed within twelve months


Kindly send your contributions to;

Bank name:          Union Bank

Account number: 0124575739

Account name:     Knowislam Project

For questions about the Reverts’ Waqf Initiative, send a mail to;


Suggestions and Ideas? Send a mail to officialknowislam24@gmail.com

Bashir Lucas Samson Lukman (CEO Knowislam.com.ng)


Download the Reverts Waqf Document

Cover page of Knowislam Reverts Waqf initiative Document
Cover page of Knowislam Reverts Waqf initiative Document